Frequently Asked Questions

What is icTools for Publishing?

Intelligent Content Tools for Publishing is a Microsoft® Word-based editorial and production solution for organizations that publish textual content. icTools offers the familiar features of Microsoft Word, while using Ictect's patented intelligent content technology to create and maintain XML for repurposing content.

What is the patented technology?


What are the primary features of icTools?

icTools offers the following primary features:

  • Automated XML tagging and formatting using Microsoft Word

  • Content quality control (compliance to editorial guidelines)

  • Semi-automated process for updates to content

  • Integration with workflow and document management systems such as SharePoint Server

Who can benefit from icTools for Publishing?

These are just some of the environments where icTools for Publishing can be beneficial:

  • Departments that publish textual content in print or on the Web.

  • Organizations that are using XML, or considering using XML for publishing.

  • Situations where compliance with authoring, editorial, or publishing guidelines is important.

  • Organizations that want to save costs by streamlining publishing processes and consolidating editorial tools.

  • Organizations that are currently outsourcing their XML or publishing work.

What are the primary benefits of icTools for Publishing?

For editors:

  • Uses the familiar Microsoft Word platform for all editorial tasks, rather than multiple editing tools.

  • Time savings from automated XML tagging and formatting.

  • Increased efficiency from automated checks for publishing styles.

  • Reduced need for training, easier to bring new editors up to speed.

For IT personnel:

  • Reduced maintenance--rather than having multitudes of tools, icTools provides all necessary features within Microsoft Word.

  • Faster, streamlined updating of Web content.

  • Shift in focus to IT issues rather than dealing with documents.

For the organization:

  • Cost savings in the publishing process.

  • Easier interaction and better collaboration between account management, customer support, editorial, and IT departments from using familiar Microsoft Word documents.

  • "Good quality XML" as the foundation for agile operations.

Microsoft Word is not a stable platform for production. Can you really use Microsoft Word for production?

The patented approach used by icTools provides for accountability of each content item and full control over the content. Large departments may use industrial strength XML publishing systems such as XPP, OASYS, or RenderX, in conjunction with Microsoft Word and icTools. For small to mid-size departments, Microsoft Word and icTools alone may provide a full solution.

What is the largest size document that can be processed with Word and icTools?

icTools has been used in production of a 2,000-page publication. Larger size documents may also be processed. However, it is probably prudent to develop appropriate content strategies for large documents that enable easier reading, navigation, and interpretation. The use of intelligent content makes such strategies readily possible.

Is a DTD or schema required to be able to use icTools?

If your organization uses a DTD or schema, it may be used with icTools. Alternatively, industry-specific DTDs or schemas may be used. For various types of documents, Ictect supplies predefined schemas that can be modified for specific needs. Specific schemas can also be developed by Ictect’s professional services staff.

What about DITA (Darwin Information Type Architecture)?

icTools works in a DITA environment or in a non-DITA environment.

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