Single Source of Truth

Establish an architecture that enables the organization to achieve consistency across the enterprise.

Technology Populism

Empower the knowledge workers by extending the tool that they are familiar with – Microsoft Word.

Future-proof Content

Leverage the XML standard to ensure interoperability and reduce proprietary lock-ins.

Sustainable Cost Reduction

Achieve efficiencies through optimization of complex business processes.

Multichannel Delivery

Deliver content to traditional (Web, print) and new channels (mobile, personalized, social networks, and other).

Competitive Advantage

Leverage Intelligent Content architecture to develop innovative products and services.


  • Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007 plug-in for developing XML-based content architectures

  • XML Schema-driven, providing visual support for content architects and content administrators

  • Empowers knowledge workers by providing tools integrated with Microsoft Word

  • Proven in content projects in e-publishing and other initiatives involving complex business process optimizations

  • Available in a variety of licensing models, including OEM, VAR, and technology/services packages.

Figure: icPlugIn user interface for IT architects and content administrators
Figure: icPlugIn user interface for IT architects and content administrators


icPlugIn by Ictect, Inc. provides a solution for structuring content and extracting semantically relevant information, which is a critical part of the process for organizations seeking to better utilize and manage their enterprise-wide information, in order to optimize business processes and discover opportunities for innovation leading to competitive advantages. icPlugIn provides knowledge workers, content architects, and content administrators with powerful tools to semantically enhance content and build an effective content architecture. icPlugIn supports a wide range of textual content types, provides semantic flexibility and accuracy, while allowing its users to maximize their productivity by continuing to work within a familiar environment – Microsoft Word.

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