Ictect Technology for Policies and Procedures

Preparing Policies Today

Microsoft Word is the most common editor for drafting policy and related documents. However, preparing final, web-ready documents can require significant amount of time and technical tools. Preparation of final documents may require the following:

  • Compliance with editorial and style guidelines

  • Compliance with document formatting guidelines

  • Consideration for accessibility and section 508 compliance

  • Preparation of multiple versions such as PDF and HTML

Preparing Policies with Intelligent Content Technology

Ictect’s patented Intelligent Content Technology, based on Microsoft Word, makes it very easy for non-technical users to prepare and format policy documents. The illustrations below show the draft and final versions, prepared using Intelligent Content Tools. Getting between both steps only requires the click of a button.


Figure 1: Draft document, written in Word
Figure 1: Draft document, written in Word
Figure 2: Final document with Intelligent Content Tools in Word
Figure 2: Final document with Intelligent Content Tools in Word

Download Samples

The following sample package includes a draft document, XML tagged document, and final formatted document. Click on the button below to download.


Intelligent Content Tools brings the following benefits:

  • Automatically checks for compliance with guidelines

  • Automate formats your documents

  • Easily incorporate amendments, supplements, interim changes into the document

  • Save significant amount of time and costs on preparing documents

  • Lower implementation costs vs. buying highly proprietary system

  • Scalable from a single user to large organizations

Ictect Customers

Some of the organizations benefiting from our technology or services include:

  • United States Air Force

  • Legislative Data Center, State of California

  • Washington State Legislature

  • North Carolina State Legislature

  • US Department of the Treasury

  • The World Bank

  • European Court of Justice

  • Etc.

Interested in a Live Presentation?

Our Experience

Our experience with includes working on the following types of documents:

  • Policies, Directives, Manuals, Instructions, Memorandum, etc.

  • Legislative documents such as drafts, bills, amendments, notices, minutes, etc.

  • Rules and regulations

  • Opinions

  • Loan documents

  • Process flow documents

  • Official correspondence

  • Etc.

For more information

Read our case studies for government organizations:

  • Air Force Streamlines its Publishing Process using Intelligent Content Tools for Publishing (HTML, PDF)

  • Web publishing of process documents (HTML, PDF)

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