Educational institutions from K–12 to colleges and universities have significant amounts of content. Instructors often spend a great deal of time preparing courses with the right mix of structure and creativity for a quality classroom experience. Distance learning institutes and course preparation companies must develop effective learning experiences for students. Delivering a quality learning experience in today’s environment is a challenge for all educational institutions. Intelligent Content architectures for educational organizations can help manage the following content challenges:

  • Streamline course content creation

  • Enable instructors and students to create highly professional intellectual material with ease

  • Comply with accreditation requirements

  • Manage course content for classroom or distance learning

Our experience includes working with the following processes in educational organizations:

  • Course content for distance learning institutions

  • Web content architecture for higher education institutes

  • Policy and procedure documents

Read our case study for educational organizations:

  • Content architecture for dissemination of university policies (HTML, PDF)

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