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Ictect creates “born accessible” documents – eliminating need to remediate PDFs

Image featuring two hands presenting a pair of glasses, symbolizing clarity and accessibility. The phrase born accessible is prominently displayed, emphasizing Ictect’s ability to create accessible documents from inception, thereby eliminating the need for subsequent PDF remediation.

Many organizations continue to spend significant amounts of money to make their documents meet accessibility standards such as ADA 508, WCAG, PDF/UA, PSBAR, and UK Equality Act of 2010. Ictect offers a solution to help organizations address accessibility challenges in documents. The solution consists of:

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What is Born Accessible?

Born Accessible document publishing eliminates the need for accessibility remediation steps by making your documents usable by assistive technologies at the time of document creation and formatting. Using XML as the underlying foundation for document publishing, icTools and ICS for Alt Text transform Word documents to accessible PDFs in WCAG AA 2.0 and 2.1 compliant format, EPUBS, and HTML.

Who is this for?

icTools is intended for document authors, editors and publishers at federal agencies and organizations involved in the content creation and publishing processes.

ICS for Alt Text can be used by document remediation specialists during the document remediation process to automatically generate alt text for images.

Image of a woman enjoying a description of a document through her earbuds, symbolizing the ease and enjoyment that comes with using Ictect’s icTools for creating accessible documents. The image emphasizes the benefits of embracing changes in how to best create accessible documents, leading to significant savings and improvements in PDF remediation with Ictect.

Solution Highlights

icTools provides the ability to make publications Born Accessible at the beginning of the document creation process. icTools identifies document accessibility issues during document creation and formatting, and assists users in properly adding appropriate information including metadata. icTools does this seamlessly as part of Microsoft Word, with an intuitive user interface for non-technical users.

Document quality checks (over 50) to eliminate errors and adhere to standards

  • Alt text checks
  • Table formatting checks
  • Document formatting checks
  • Metadata checks
  • Customer specific checks

ICS for Alt Text is AI-based and automatically creates alternative (alt) text for images using Large Language Models (LLMs) and Ictect’s patented Intelligent Content software. Fully integrated with Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF. Improves SEO and document accessibility. The Alt Text Generator is designed to be integrated in document and publishing workflows.

  • Creates alt text from single images.
  • Creates and embeds alt text into Word and PDF documents including OCR images and tables.
  • Provides alt text in multiple languages.
  • Generates alt text for your target audience (e.g., engineer vs student).
  • Integrates with icTools.
  • Can integrate with other 3rd Party applications.
  • API available for integration with your workflow.

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