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icTools for Books

Microsoft Word for Book Publishers and Authors

Ictect offers patented software for quickly and efficiently publishing print and electronic books from Microsoft Word. Publishers and authors will save time and money by using Intelligent Content Tools from Ictect.

US Patent #7,251,777 – Method and System for Automated Structuring of Textual Documents

Intelligent Content with Ictect – Next Steps

Schedule a demonstration of Intelligent Content Software.
Compare your cost of publishing with Intelligent Content Software.
Conduct a Proof of Concept.
Develop a roadmap for automation of your documents.

Publishes Print and Electronic Books from Microsoft Word

Automatically publishes the book in print and electronic formats.

Checks for Compliance with Style Guides

Compares your manuscripts against journal style guide, identifies errors and compliance issues, and provides point-by-point feedback for making corrections.

Enables XML Workflow for Publishers

Automatically publishes the book in XML format in compliance with standards. Also, generates metadata information.

Customizable Plug-In for Microsoft Word

Fully-integrated with Microsoft Word for quick and direct publishing from the most widely used word processing software in the market. Enables seamless communication between authors and editors with track changes!

Supports Co-authoring and Editing

Enhances Office 365 and SharePoint’s collaboration functionality with managed co-authoring and editing. Enables parallel authoring, editorial, and production workflows.