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Intelligent Content for Defense Publications

Reduce outsourcing, reduce cost, improve compliance
US Patent #7,251,777 – Method and System for Automated Structuring of Textual Documents
...the Policy Document System team found that only one product, Intelligent Content Tools in CUNY, met the University’s needs.
Steven Quinn
Manager, Information Services
Office of the Secretary of the Board
The City University of New York
We are very satisfied with the product and services that Ictect has delivered and value Ictect as a trusted partner for fulfilling our operational mission and moving our vision of electronic publishing forward...
Jessica Spencer-Gallucci
Air Force Departmental Publishing Office
Work was always done carefully and thoroughly, and all questions during the editing process were communicated and handled in a timely fashion...
Jill Schwartz
Peterson’s Publishing, a Nelnet Company

Intelligent Content with Ictect – Next Steps

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Participate in a hands-on immersion workshop at a Microsoft Technology Center.
Conduct a Proof of Concept.

Microsoft Word-based Publishing Software

Intelligent Content Tools (icTools) is based on Microsoft Word. It leverages the investment your organization has made in Microsoft licensing, and requires minimal training. Full publishing functionality including Pre-Editing, Technical Editing, Compliance, and Formatting is available from a single product.

Create Compliant Documents

For Department of Defense organizations, icTools offers automated checks to assess compliance with guidelines. This includes Army Publication DA-Pam 25-40, Air Force Instruction AFI 33-360, and DCAA Manual 5025.15. Compliance checks can be easily configured to meet your organization-specific guidelines.

Consistent with DoD and GPO Style Guides

With icTools, publications can be easily checked for compliance with specific guidelines from Department of Defense (DoD) and Government Printing Office (GPO) Style Guides. This includes Acronyms, Abbreviations, Brevity Codes, Punctuations, Publications and Form References, Heading Consistency and much more…

XML Editing in Microsoft Word

With automated XML from icTools, most of us do not need to edit it. But for the complex situations where it is needed, it is available within Microsoft Word. Technical editors with XML familiarity will find it easy to use.

Automatically Format Publications

icTools delivers a camera-ready PDF from the draft document with the click of a button. Eliminate the cost of outsourcing or the hours spent creating a formatted publication.

Multiple Outputs

With icTools, you can output to eBook, HTML, and PDF directly from Microsoft Word. Outputs are compliant with general Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines, and organization-specific guidelines can be easily added.