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Example of the AdminPubs within Microsoft Word

What is icTools for AdminPubs?

Publications must be compliant with the various mandated styles, XML standards and business rules including Department of Defense (DoD). icTools support the mission, providing significant automation to document workflows.

icTools software enables XML tagging, formatting, integrating and publishing of compliant documents from policies, procedures and directives, to memorandums, instructions and supplements - or any other publication that must comply with stringent regulations and style guides.

No expertise required! icTools for AdminPubs automatically publishes in XML format in compliance with standards generating metadata information. Team members no longer need to be experts in XML or the standard to collaborate effectively

Improved Efficiency. icTools saves policy analysts and technical writers hours of effort, both for creating new and sustaining publications. Organizations realize improved accuracy, efficiency and quality compliance with increased speed and ease of use.

Intelligent Content from Ictect

Welcome to Ictect - the intelligent content company! We specialize in revolutionizing and streamlining document workflows with our cutting-edge icTools software. Our patented software, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Word, empowers you to modernize and automate your document processes with ease.

With icTools, we provide accurate, properly formatted, and timely publications for mission accomplishment. We facilitate communication between authors, technical writers and editors, ensuring a smooth collaborative experience. Our intelligent content solutions are designed to maximize the value of your content while minimizing costs, by simplifying and optimizing the publishing process.

Since our establishment in 2008, we have proudly served both the Federal and Commercial communities with our document workflow automation software, delivering substantial savings to our valued customers.

Benefits – One Tool, One Update, One Solution

Improved Publishing Times. Using the familiar Word environment, streamlines the document publishing process and improves publishing times.

Accessible Documents. Documents created using icTools are Section 508 Compliant – Born Accessible.

Reduced Costs. Editors can now complete complex publications on their own, without contractor assistance and by eliminating multiple products.

Reduced Training Needs. Multiple products required a greater amount of training to bring new editors up to speed. With icTools in Word – time to train is greatly reduced.

Increased Accuracy and Consistency. icTools catch errors, suggest improvements, and ensure that the content adheres to specific guidelines and style requirements.

Supports Round-trip between Microsoft Word and XML. icTools allows importing of XML files into Microsoft Word with preservation of structure.

Creates Metadata. icTools can automatically create metadata files based on content for delivery to other applications or for internal workflows.

Enhanced Collaboration. Authors, editors, technical writers, proofreaders, and others can edit the document in real-time and use track changes with XML!

By Using icTools –

The Army Publishing Directorate replaced Arbortext Editor & four legacy systems

  • icTools eliminated the need Arbortext Editor and four legacy systems.
  • icTools allows the Army to focus on their 17,000 active publications and over 3,000 publishing actions per year - not the software.
  • icTools is focused on APD publishing standards and is a time saver - improving the accuracy and quality of the APD’s publications.

The Air Force Publishing eliminated outsourcing & Adobe FrameMaker

  • icTools eliminated the need Adobe Frame Maker.
  • Ictect eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming outsourcing for publication checking, formatting, creating XML, and integrating changes.
  • On a 5-year basis, the Air Force saved over 60% cost using the software and reduced the average publishing time from 29 days to 11 days.

What does Ictect offer?

  • Software-as-a-Service licensing with affordable subscription prices
  • Proof of concept and Pilot for your organization
  • Implementation services for full-scale deployment including customization and training.
  • Integration with organizational IT systems.
  • Support, maintenance and regular updates.

Intelligent Content with Ictect – Next Steps

Schedule a demonstration of Intelligent Content Software.
Compare your cost of publishing with Intelligent Content Software.
Conduct a Proof of Concept.
Develop a roadmap for automation of your documents.