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Example of the Editorial Assistant within Microsoft Word

What is Editorial Assistant?

Editorial Assistant is a product designed to assist editors in Microsoft Word with their routine editing tasks. Using ChatGPT and Intelligent Content in Microsoft Word, it provides an editor-friendly interface to help you with your tasks.

Below is a list of some common tasks that Editorial Assistant can perform from within Microsoft Word:

  • Check documents for compliance with your specific style guide
  • Format documents in Word according to your style guidelines
  • Editing and formatting references to meet required style
  • With the companion JATS Assistant, creating full-text JATS XML from Word manuscripts

With natural language interface, it can do much more and can be tailored for your needs.


For leaders and organizations evaluating the impact of Artificial Intelligence/ChatGPT and developing the future of their workflow, Editorial Assistant offers a lot of value.

  • Use of Microsoft Word, which is a familiar tool for editors and other stakeholders
  • Software customized to your specific requirements and style guides
  • Lower cost on IT infrastructure and training
  • Integration with Office 365 and other Content Management Platforms
  • Operationalizing Editorial Assistant may be achieved in a shorter timeframe compared to alternatives

ChatGPT and Intelligent Content from Ictect

ChatGPT is a language model capable of generating human-like responses to text-based questions. This technology has enormous potential in the publishing industry, where it can be used to answer common questions from readers, such as "What are the key takeaways from this study?" or "How does this research fit into the broader scientific context?"

Intelligent Content is content designed to be dynamic and adaptive. By using our patented technology, we can create content that can adjust itself based on the reader's preferences, interests, and even their knowledge level. This can help make content more engaging, accessible, and relevant to a wider audience.

Ictect’s Intelligent Content architectures implement content strategies designed to maximize the value of content while minimizing costs to your organization.

MS Word with ChatGPT and Intelligent Content

Integrating ChatGPT and Intelligent Content with Microsoft Word brings several benefits for editors.

Improved Efficiency: Integrating ChatGPT and Intelligent Content with Microsoft Word can help editors save time and increase efficiency. ChatGPT can help editors quickly find answers to questions and generate ideas, while Intelligent Content can help them evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the content.

Enhanced Collaboration: By integrating ChatGPT and Intelligent Content with Microsoft Word, editors can facilitate collaboration with writers. Editors can use these tools to review and edit content, ensuring that it meets the required standards and guidelines.

Increased Accuracy and Consistency: By using ChatGPT and Intelligent Content to help with editing, editors can ensure that the content is accurate and consistent. These tools can help catch errors, suggest improvements, and ensure that the content adheres to specific guidelines and style requirements.

Accessible and Engaging Content: By using Intelligent Content, editors can help ensure that the content is more accessible and engaging for readers. This technology can help personalize content based on the reader's interests, knowledge level, and preferences, leading to a better overall reading experience.

Integration with Existing Workflows: Microsoft Word is a widely used platform for editing, and by integrating ChatGPT and Intelligent Content with this platform, editors can seamlessly incorporate these tools into their existing workflows.

Overall, the integration of ChatGPT and Intelligent Content with Microsoft Word helps editors improve the quality of the content, while saving time and increasing efficiency. These tools can help editors ensure that the content is accurate, consistent, and engaging for readers.

What does Ictect offer?

Ictect offers the following services to publishers and knowledge-intensive organizations:

  • Software-as-a-Service license with affordable subscription prices
  • Proof of concept and Pilot for your organization
  • Implementation services for full-scale deployment including customization and training
  • Integration with organizational IT systems
  • Innovative composition services including quality control and publishing support for your organizations
  • Support and maintenance for the software

Intelligent Content with Ictect – Next Steps

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