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Microsoft Word and icTools
for Print Quality eXchange (PQX)

TC > ISO/TC 130

ISO 20616-2:2020

Graphic technology — File format for quality control and metadata — Part 2: Print Quality eXchange (PQX)

PQX Writer and MSWord

Used in Idealliance Training Course on Print Quality eXchange

  • ISO-Compliant Reports of Print Quality
  • MS-Word Plugins to Easily Edit and Report
  • XML Structure View and Pre-Checks
  • Management of Reporting on Various Attributes
  • Reduce Reporting Time and Cost

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What is PQX Report Writer?

ISO 20616-2, Print Quality eXchange (PQX) is one of the newest ISO standards for printers. PQX defines a digital format for the standardized exchange of print quality data between printers and their print buyers. PQX Report Writer is software that enables printers and QA professionals to prepare their print quality report in a familiar Microsoft Word environment and generate ISO-compliant PQX XML for exchange automatically. PQX Report Writer was developed to support the new Idealliance PQX Expert training program.

Who is this for?

  • Print media production professionals and service providers
  • Print media quality assurance professionals and service providers
  • Print buyers and their print quality assurance providers
  • Prepress/premedia operators
  • Brand quality managers
  • Solution architects
  • Packing and service engineers
  • Trainers
Intelligent Content for PQX

Product Highlights

Ictect has developed a patented MSWord plugin to support the creation of ISO-compliant print quality reports from Microsoft Word. Now printers and print buyers can easily prepare information using Microsoft Word and exchange quality data in ISO-standard PQX XML.

  • PQX tool employs ISO standard print quality exchange format for printers to report print quality
  • PQX tool reduces reporting time for printers to gain competitive advantage
  • PQX tool uses friendly XML editing tool using Microsoft Word to manage reporting of:
  • Print Color Quality
  • Registration Quality
  • Printing Defects
  • Barcode Readability
  • PQX tool provides feature to publish PDF reports with features such as customized logos and reporting dates
  • PQX provides feature to display XML structure to review elements attributes of the reporting data
  • PQX contains automated id generations and pre-checks for validation of reporting data for its schema prior to publishing reports
  • PQX tool can be used by Printers, Prepress/Premedia operators, Service Engineers, Trainers, Solution Architects, Brand Managers, Packing Engineers, Quality Assurance Personnel and Quality Assurance Agencies or Consultants

Download PQX Writer for Evaluation

Intended Use

PQX Report Writer supports the Idealliance PQX Expert course modules. It was initially developed to enable demonstration of creating PQX XML in a user-friendly way. The software is intended for learning PQX and was not intended for production purposes.

Ictect is pleased to offer a free one-year demonstration license for PQX Report Writer to all registered PQX Experts and trainees so they can learn and master PQX report writing skills.

Production licenses will soon be available. In addition, you may wish to customize the product for your specific requirements. Feel free to contact Ictect for pricing and customization support.

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PQX Report Writer is offered for one-year free of charge for training purposes to all PQX Experts and trainees.

If you would like to continue to use the software in a production environment, the annual fee is $1,000 per user. Volume discounts are available.

If you are interested in Ictect’s cloud-hosted version of PQX Report Writer, contact Ictect for more information.