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Microsoft Word and icTools
for Technical Publications (DITA)

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An online authoring tool for Authors and Technical Writers to bridge the gap between Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems and Content Management Systems (CMS).

  • Online Authoring Tool in Microsoft Word
  • Bridges the gap between PLM & CMS by enabling edits in MS Word
  • Checks publications against style guides
  • Creates fully-structured DITA XML automatically

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What is Intelligent Content Tools for DITA?

Intelligent Content Tools (icTools) is a software product on Office 365 and Microsoft Word to enable Subject Matter Experts, Engineers, Technical Writers and non-DITA users to contribute content to technical publications in Word while receiving DITA XML in the background. With Online and Offline authoring capabilities with Word, icTools eliminates content friction in organizations and provides a single source of truth for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Content Management System (CMS). Now, with Ictect’s patented software, SMEs and Technical Writers can work in Microsoft Word on the same document, and DITA XML is automatically created for publishing.

Who is this for?

Intelligent Content Tools is for large and small organizations developing technical publications and using DITA XML. Customizations of the software can also be made for other types of XML such as S-1000D and proprietary XML. Intelligent Content Tools is used by all users contributing to the document:

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Engineers
  • Technical Writers
  • Non-DITA users
Intelligent Content for PQX

Product Highlights

Intelligent Content Tools offers features related to language checks to SMEs and Authors, and DITA-oriented features to Technical Writers. Highlights of features for Authors and SMEs are:

For Authors and SMEs

  • Simply author in Microsoft Word and Word Online. Minimal user interface and distractions for authors.
  • Tools for checking proper usage of terms, phrases, acronyms, symbols, etc. based on organizational Style Guides.
  • Standard features of native Microsoft Word such as document co-authoring, versioning, etc. are fully available.
  • icTools can be integrated with any PLM system including PTC, ENOVIA, etc. This allows authors to work in Word and submit documents directly to PLM system.
  • icTools gets the document ready for your DITA XML and Content Management System.

For Technical Writers

  • Write in Microsoft Word and have DITA XML automatically generated in the background.
  • Tools for editing DITA XML in Word, and for importing it from other editors such as oXygen, XMetaL.
  • Tools for checking compliance against DITA Style Guide and Organizational Style Guides.
  • icTools can be integrated with any CMS or CCMS (Component Content Management System) including SDL, Astoria, Vasont, etc. This allows technical writers to work in Word and submit documents directly to CMS.

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Ictect will work with your organization to help you evaluate the Intelligent Content Tools (icTools) for DITA. We will offer a low-cost proof of concept to configure the software for your organizational style guides and document formats.

We offer the software for as low as $1 per user per day, subject to number of users and customization efforts.

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