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Automating Integrity Checks on Journal Manuscripts

A Value Discovery Session for Journal Publishers

Bill Kasdorf, Independent Consultant, Kasdorf & Associates, LLC
Pradeep Jain, Founder and Chief Content Architect, Ictect, Inc.
Zak Mazur, Director of Marketing, Ictect, Inc.
Tuesday, January 22 from 10:00 am – 11:00 am EDT

Automating Integrity Checks on Journal Manuscripts – January 22, 2019

A Value Discovery Session for Journal Publishers


Automating integrity checks, quality control automation and validation tools have been identified as important areas in STM Tech Trends 2021. Ictect, Inc. and independent consultant Bill Kasdorf, Principal, Kasdorf & Associates and Past President, SSP invite you to join us for a 1-hour webinar focusing on this topic, with demonstrations of Ictect’s software on automating integrity checking. If you are considering journal workflow automation, this webinar will provide new insights.

You will learn about:

  • Using standards and technologies for manuscript integrity checking
  • Key considerations in automating integrity checks
  • Role of authors, editors, production and vendors in integrity checks
  • Demonstration with Ictect software
  • Doing a proof of concept with Ictect


Presentation 1: Using Standards and Technologies for Manuscript Integrity Checking — Bill Kasdorf

  • Standards and technologies – JATS XML, Schematron, Intelligent Content
  • Integrity checks in editorial and production workflows

Presentation 2: Demonstrations with Journal Manuscripts — Pradeep Jain

  • Key considerations in automating integrity checks:
    • Journal-specific Style Guides
    • Publisher-specific JATS XML Guidelines
    • Microsoft Word and Ictect software
  • Examples of integrity checks that can be automated
  • Role of authors, editors, production and vendors in integrity checks
  • Demonstration with Ictect software

More Information and Open Forum Discussion — Moderated by Zak Mazur

Get answers from industry expert Bill Kasdorf and Intelligent Content Architect Pradeep Jain on your questions.

Learn more about doing a Proof of Concept with Ictect software.

Speakers and Facilitators

Bill Kasdorf

Independent Consultant
Kasdorf & Associates, LLC

Bill is an experienced technical consultant, past president of the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) and a well-regarded speaker and educator. He is Principal of Kasdorf & Associates, LLC, a publishing consultancy focusing on accessibility, XML/HTML/EPUB modeling, information infrastructure, and workflow. In his consulting practice, Bill has served clients globally, including large international publishers such as Pearson, Cengage, Wolters Kluwer, Kaplan, and Sage; scholarly presses and societies such as Harvard, MIT, Toronto, Taylor & Francis, Cambridge, and IEEE; aggregators such as VitalSource; and global publishing and library organizations such as the World Bank, the British Library, the Asian Development Bank, OCLC, and the European Union.

Pradeep Jain

Founder and Chief Content Architect
Ictect, Inc.

Pradeep is Founder and Chief Content Architect for Ictect, Inc. His specialization is in Intelligent Content, Semantic Technologies, High-quality XML, and Content Architectures for large-scale applications. He has extensive experience in modernizing document lifecycle for the Department of Defense, Book Publishers, TechPub Departments, and Journal Publishers.

Zak Mazur

Director of Marketing
Ictect, Inc.

Zak Mazur is a seasoned communicator with a rich and varied writing background. Zak has worked as a newspaper reporter and as an editor and writer for the Zoological Society of Milwaukee—Wisconsin's largest nonprofit. In addition to writing and editing, Zak has years of experience working in media relations. He has obtained coverage for clients in major national print publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, and on major national broadcast outlets (CBS’ “Morning Show,” Fox News Channel, and more.) Zak has also worked as a copywriter and marketing content specialist for several tech companies. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a B.A. in History, Zak later obtained a Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing and Communication from the Department of English at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

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  • Feel free to submit your questions related to journal publishing workflows in advance. We will incorporate them in the webinar.
  • We welcome your manuscripts. If you would like to submit sample manuscripts that can be used in the webinar, please send emails to

Next Steps

Webinar participants may consider the following next steps:

  • A hands-on immersion experience at Microsoft Technology Center for editors and production staff.
  • One-on-one discussion of cost saving opportunities with Office 365 and Intelligent Content
  • A proof-of-concept for your organization

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