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Ictect Releases New Software for automated Alt Text with AI (ICS for Alt Text)

ICS for Alt Text reduces time, cost, and improves efficiency in Alt Text creation.

BURLINGTON, WI - (June 25, 2024) - Ictect, Inc. announces the release of their Intelligent Content Server (ICS) for Alt Text product with a FREE TRIAL. The software can be used as a stand-alone subscription, and is designed to be integrated with their icTools software for a completely “Born Accessible” solution. ICS for Alt Text automatically creates alternative (alt) text for images using Large Language Models (LLMs) and Ictect’s patented Intelligent Content software. It can be used for all graphics within entire Word documents as well as for single images.

Today, many organizations create a document in Word, then when finalized, output the document in a delivery format which they must then remediate to provide accessibility compliance. The concept of “Born Accessible” means taking the proper steps to assure accessibility during document creation which can guarantee accessibility compliance in any final output format; thus, streamlining production and eliminating costly remediation.

When combined with icTools' robust automation and accessibility features, the documents created with Microsoft Word are born accessible, making them accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. icTools works in both Microsoft Word desktop and Office 365, offering multiple output delivery formats. Finally, content-driven organizations can efficiently create documents that are “born” compliant with global accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.0 and 2.1, PDF/UA, and ADA Section 508.

Ictect Born Accessible Benefits:

  • Smart Alt Text: Create and embed smart alt text for graphics within entire Word documents including OCR images and tables; create smart alt text for single images; target your audience using free text (e.g., engineer or student); multiple languages supported.
  • Reduced Steps: A single quality-check step using Microsoft Word checker and common Adobe accessibility checks, which can reduce the overall number of steps required to perform document accessibility checks.
  • Immediate Compliance: Gain immediate accessibility compliance by utilizing icTools robust and highly-automated document editing features that can immediately fix any issues or errors identified during the quality-checks.

“Digital document accessibility is an area that has been significantly overlooked by many organizations that only focus on website accessibility,” stated Dianne Kennedy, ISO editor and industry publishing consultant. “Ictect’s Born Accessible document publishing solution will help content-driven organizations create compliant, accessible documents in MS Word while eliminating expenses to remediate PDFs and other final document formats after publication is complete.”

Adobe has consistently stated that over 90% of PDFs on the internet today are not accessible. Now with Ictect’s software, organizations can be assured that they can create documents with embedded graphics that comply with global accessibility standards.


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