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by Pradeep Jain

June 2024

Curious about ChatGPT and Generative AI but concerned about investing time and resources?

ChatGPT and the new developments in Generative AI (including BERT, LangChain, …) has opened up some intriguing possibilities for new Intelligent Document Processing applications and workflows. However, applying it to a business scenario takes resources, time and effort. Often times, it is unknown how much effort you have to put into it just to explore possibilities. At Ictect, we put in several months of R&D and worked with our customers exploring use cases that could bring productivity improvement with Generative AI.

Use cases we have tested include common XML standards including JATS and DITA. Some of these are:

  1. Generative AI helping to write or re-write document summaries (or abstracts).
  2. Generative AI checking documents for consistency. For example, in a research article, “Is the Conclusion section supported by the content of the article?”.
  3. Generative AI creating ALT Text for tables and images for Accessibility or Section 508 compliance.
  4. An interesting use case with enhancing image quality – is how Generative AI can help improve the quality of images in a document.
  5. Generative AI re-formatting references to be compliant with the house style guide.
  6. Generative AI checking to see if the references in an article substantiate statements that the author makes about them.
  7. And of course, Generative AI helping with XML tagging of documents, or certain sections of the documents.

Want to learn more and see how you can apply AI with icTools?

Schedule a demo of Generative AI within icTools or contact us to learn more.

The Generative AI module from icTools is now available for organizations who are exploring the use of Generative AI for their use cases. Rather than spending a lot of time (and $$$), you could see results quickly with icTools and our resources.

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