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Typesetting from Microsoft Word – Getting Tagged PDF and Accessible EPUB

A Value Discovery Session for Journal Publishers

Bill Kasdorf, Independent Consultant, Kasdorf & Associates, LLC
Pradeep Jain, Founder and Chief Content Architect, Ictect, Inc.
Zak Mazur


For many years, publishers and service providers have had interest in typesetting from Microsoft Word. Some have attempted, and some have ruled it out. Pradeep Jain, Chief Content Architect from Ictect and independent consultant Bill Kasdorf, Principal, Kasdorf & Associates and past president of the Society for Scholarly Publishing will share their insights on this topic in this 1-hour webinar. The webinar includes demonstrations of Ictect’s software on new publishing models with Microsoft Word, JATS XML and Intelligent Content. If you are considering modernizing your journals, this webinar will provide new insights.

You will learn about:

  • The history of typesetting, markup languages and Microsoft Word
  • Typesetting and accessibility-related features in Microsoft Word
  • Journal publishing workflows with automated formatting
  • Creating tagged PDF and accessible EPUB – Demonstrations
  • Conducting a proof of concept with Ictect


Zak Mazur

  • Introduction and Announcements

Bill Kasdorf

  • Typesetting from Microsoft Word? Really?

Pradeep Jain

  • Journal publishing workflows with automated formatting
  • Demonstrations with Ictect software

More Information and Open Forum Discussion

  • Get answers to your questions from industry expert Bill Kasdorf and Intelligent Content Architect Pradeep Jain
  • Learn more about doing a proof of concept with Ictect software

Speakers and Facilitators

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