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Intelligent Document Processing

Realize over 50% savings in time, effort, and cost! Ensure compliance with your formats, standards, and regulations with Intelligent Content and Generative AI.


Intelligent Content and Generative AI

Announcing our incorporation with Generative AI into our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) software and solutions.


Born Accessible Solutions

Ictect creates “Born Accessible” documents - Eliminating need to remediate PDFs.


icTools for Editors

Check & format manuscripts with the click of a button. Reduce time & cost of publishing.

  • Now with ChatGPT integration!

icTools for TechPubs

Check your technical publications in Microsoft Word, and create DITA, S-1000D and MILSTD 40051 quickly. Reduce time & cost of publishing.

icTools for AdminPubs

Publish consistent & compliant documents such as Policies, Procedures, Regulations, Instructions and other complex publications with Microsoft Word.

What We Do for You

Bringing intelligent content to life is our passion - well beyond saving costs, reducing turn-around time, and optimizing your document workflow! Our intelligent content solutions edit and transform journal articles, books, policies and procedures, contracts, research publications, technical publications, marketing documents or any type of document – with Microsoft Word and Office 365. Let us show you why our clients have called our flagship product icTools a “game changer”.

Brief Interview with Kim Cutchins

Kim Cutchins

Amerian Peanut Research and Education Society


Astrid deRidder says — Just had a fascinating chat with Pradeep Jain from Ictect, Inc. (Intelligent Content Architecture) about a tool that could speed up publishing times, both for editorial and production folks. I can see a really relevant use case for academic or journal publishing, but also for standardised or templated document creation. They've also done a nifty ChatGPT integration that editors will love! Gotta love some intelligent content architecturing...


Intelligent Content & ChatGPT

“Talk to your documents!”

We are integrating ChatGPT with icTools. Do you have complex documents that you wished you could talk to?

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Ictect is offering demonstration of the icTools software for journal editors, technical and administrative publications. See how the software can save time and money for your documents.

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Our Customers

What Our Customers Are Saying

...the Policy Document System team found that only one product, Intelligent Content Tools in CUNY, met the University’s needs.
Steven Quinn
Manager, Information Services
Office of the Secretary of the Board
The City University of New York
We are very satisfied with the product and services that Ictect has delivered and value Ictect as a trusted partner for fulfilling our operational mission and moving our vision of electronic publishing forward...
Jessica Spencer-Gallucci
Air Force Departmental Publishing Office
Work was always done carefully and thoroughly, and all questions during the editing process were communicated and handled in a timely fashion...
Jill Schwartz
Peterson’s Publishing, a Nelnet Company

Intelligent Content with Ictect – Next Steps

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