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Creating Compliant TechPubs in Word

DITA, S1000D and your Style Guides

A Value Discovery Session for TechPub Professionals

Phill Barratt, Director of Sales and Marketing, Ictect, Inc.
Megan McKinney, Director of Strategic Development, Ictect, Inc.

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Ictect’s Intelligent Content Software provides demonstrable Operational Efficiency Improvement while creating compliant technical documents – All within a common platform you already use – Microsoft Word and Office 365.

Date & Time

May 01, 2024 @ 10 AM US CST / 4 PM UK Greenwich

No XML Knowledge? No Problem.

Now your whole team from Subject Matter Experts, Engineers, to Technical Writers can all contribute content to technical publications in Word (no XML knowledge needed) while our patented software generates XML in the background.

icTools is the single software solution for document creation, formatting, compliance, automation, XML, and more. We work with product teams every day, like yours, with the sole focus of improving your operational efficiency. That means ensuring your Technical Publications are compliant with various mandated XML standards and business rules while reducing the time to get it done.

We invite you to join us this 1-hour webinar where you will:

  • Learn how easy it is to create and publish compliant technical documents through icTools and Microsoft Word - IN-HOUSE. Examples will include DITA, S-1000D, MILSTDs, and your Style Guides.
  • See for yourself how we can increase accuracy and consistency, integrate with your PLM or CMS, streamline your workflow, reduce your training and outsourcing, and save time.

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